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Freddie smith naked

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January 6, R to R apart from R is the same person, you are nuts, seek help if what is said on a gossip site send you mental. Busty lesbian models. Is he on some type of medication which has caused this, or did he just stop being in shape suddenly? Do you think all the junk food Freddie puts into his fat body makes his farts smell really raunchy?

I hope we get to tell that story. At least by men. Freddie smith naked. Thank you so much! Is he OK to sew his oats then? General Hospital June 5, If I get my way, and I usually do, this thread will soon go the way of the Michael Muhney thread.

Freddie smith naked

Sonny is, and probably always will be, secondary. Chandler is definition of a "bro". Hotties don't go with notties IRL. January 9, First class whack job, lol, but loved her! What has been showing is so well done by Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey. Are you honestly going to tell us that you went through Google, went through to the cache and then copied and pasted everything? Then there's the swollen left side of his face.

So, what do you think of the casting of Haiduk? I also agree that there was no lead up, no logical reason for Will to do this. Ebony lesbian analingus. NO reason has been given to Will. I hope we get to tell that story. BTW, if she is Kate's, she's moving in on her man. Kristen's scientist is back.

The Christmas ornaments really got to me for some reason, especially the last scene of Tom and Alice's. Start taking your meds like a good little boy and shut up. It's not really a soap thread. This isn't a story about two gay guys.

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Wells and would be instrumental in my re-introduction of Susan Banks, and ultimately, Kristen. Truth is the key word there Aden. Awol lesbian movie. This crap need to off the air this not cool showing to males kissing n sleeping together. None of that was to be as I was railroaded out of the show by the sponsors.

Jordan looks like Susan Banks. I've always thought Smith was hotter because of that, although Massey lately has become more attractive cause he gained some weight as well.

Really not much is even shown with this. I just bet he does, r R16, what does coming from a rich family have to do with Massey suddenly becoming overweight, chubby, bloated, and pale in about a month? There are people who do not have sex partners other than their firsts and it would only add to the impression that gay men are incapable of sustaining long lasting relationships….

I decided not to take it personally. Freddie smith naked. R, well isn't it what you did? Post a new comment 12 comments. They're going to have to have a male cast. Chandler and I are comfortable with each other and it shows. Milf and girl lesbian sex. Link to the photos please, r79, r80, or r81? All of that was written by me just as the NY Post reported.

This is what happens when writers write plot driven stories rather than character driven stories. I think it would be ridiculous for Kate to have another long lost child storyline. I tuned back in about two years ago when Kristen first returned. Are you honestly going to tell us that you went through Google, went through to the cache and then copied and pasted everything? Their career is literally based on their looks, so it's important that they stay healthy and desirable.

There's another reason for the closet and these morons should have stayed in it. The actors are all over it! Come on R, it's a festive season so give Freddie some respect, he is not fat, what about Massey? Sigh, read third sentence on R I wonder if that balance will swing one Guy starts and they all will start dressing Freddie alot more better. Will a retraction be required?: Okay, is Eve Donovan coming back or what?

Massey won two Emmys because they wanted to award the show for tackling gay material.

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