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December 14, at 5: For the record, rape is never okay. March 13, at 7: Say i am socialy retarted. Milf cum filled pussy. Siri are you a lesbian. A third of all Russians still believe the sun revolves around the Earth.

Siri, the condom broke. No directions, but not hateful at least. Learn how to write for Quartz Ideas. I was asking Siri all kinds of personal questions. June 4, at 8: The stated aim was to collect information on cohabiting heterosexual couples, but the question also revealed how many same-sex people who identified as partners were living together and where.

Sometimes Siri gets a little testy Most useful advice by Siri? November 5, at 5: Siri says — I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. The idea that Apple was abiding by this law makes little sense, however, as iPhone and iPad owners are able to use the Russian Siri outside of Russian territory.

It can also be funny if you tell Siri to call you by some nickname. Reagan came after my father and then I came after Reagan. Real african girls fucking. Of course, these insults do not fully encapsulate the scope of sexual harassment experienced by many women on a daily basis, and are only intended to represent a sampling of verbal harassment. You could try talking to a friend or your doctor. Siri and Alexa remain either evasive, grateful, or flirtatious, while Cortana and Google Home crack jokes in response to the harassments they comprehend.

But you know the old saying: Swear words in the English language version receive similar responses. An LGBTQ Russian news source tested Russian Siri a few days after this story went viral, and when asking for directions to gay clubs and parties in Moscow, the asker actually received helpful instructions. Cortana nearly always responds with Bing website or YouTube searches, as well as the occasional dismissive comment. September 21, at I love you, Siri Siri: Love stories should be fun.

She gave me an answer and half of it I had to look up in the dictionary! And your facts are totally wrong.

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There is not one right answer: Written by Leah Fessler. Hot milf screaming. The ruling seems to have become a blanket ban on providing information on homosexuality, or even mentioning its existence. January 16, at On the Pie Chart of Blame, who takes the bigger slice for this: It describes a boy who wants to have a boyfriend or a girl who wants to have a girlfriend.

Aug 8, Posts: All the bots presented different definitions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, though Google Home was the only bot to take a moral stance on them. Jan 6, Posts: Is this just Siri trying to fit into her new country? March 2, at 3: October 25, at 6: Gates mined this data from the Census to produce his geographical analysis, which was celebrated by LGBT people as confirmation that they were a legitimate voting bloc and politicians needed to take their concerns seriously.

October 5, at 3: September 18, at 3: Jan 23, Posts: One would think the largest country on the planet would have a little more global awareness—Russia spans nine time zones, and apparently all of them are in the past.

Open the pod bay doors. Your email address will not be published. Siri are you a lesbian. For example, a gay man wants to be involved with and love another man. Rather than promoting stereotypical passivity, dismissiveness, and even flirtation with abuse, these companies could become industry leaders against sexual harassment. Darrell Issa says is unencumbered by a shred of evidence or even by a passing acquaintance with reality.

Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Denise masino lesbian videos. June 19, at 1: Love stories should be fun. Like it says on the box Rae has no trouble resisting, because she promised herself a long time ago that flirtatious straight girls were not for her.

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Women have been made into servants once again. June 4, at 7: March 6, at

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